Updated 10/31/01

Chiller Theatre October 26-28, 2001

Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel

Chiller was packed. Many fun people and cool kits were there. Didn't get a chance to get any autographs but it was neat seeing the celebs when I got a chance to fly though the rooms and tent.

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chiller contest banner

Contest Staff Members With some of tbe Youth Prizes

Judges After Judging
"It Really Changes You"

Saturday Night Party

Celebrate America

Diceman with flag and Show Producer Kevin on guitar

Kevin and Diceman singing backup

Shemp and Me

Calli and Me

Calli And Shemp

Sue and the Grim Reaper

Rob and Charlie Brown

Calli Attacked By The Bride/Nurse

They Get Stranger As The Night Progresses

Part Of The Cool Crowd